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Our Team

Peter Miraglia


Call me Mr. Pete. I’ve been at Camp Geneva for eight years, and watched our camp grow along with our partners every year. I take enormous pride in our facility, our team and our dedication to helping you make your mission come to fruition here. Please call me directly at (800) 598-7013 with your questions and needs. I look forward to working with you soon!

Dave & Ellen


Hi! We know that one of the big challenges of camp is preparing food that kids and staff enjoy and are nourished by. We have worked hard this past year to develop innovative presentations and means of delivering the best choices to our guests. From salad and pasta bars, to new kitchen equipment, a smoker and enhanced dining spaces, you’ll be ready to ditch those songs about bad camp food forever!

Jack Duwart


Welcome to Camp Geneva! My job—my mission—is to insure your time here is all that you want it to be. As Camp Host, I will be in touch with you prior to your arrival at camp, making sure you have everything you need when you need it, and that our facility is ready to accommodate you fully. While you are here, I will be on hand to see that everything is operating properly, that you are comfortable and able to carry out your events just as you imagined.


Karen Lovan

Hospitality & Marketing Manager

Welcome to Camp Geneva. My role here at Camp Geneva is to plan the day visit for your group. in addition to supporting the marketing efforts for Camp Geneva. I look forward to creating a fun and memorable experience for your group. Call or email to get started planning your fun filled experience

407-451-6497 kmlovan1@gmail.com